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We invest in the entrepreneurs of tomorrow!

We are constantly looking for impact driven entrepreneurs, startups and companies. But remember, we are not only investing in impact driven businesses, we are primarily investing in the right entrepreneurs.

◊ if you are impact driven with a business model or idea which is both profit and impact driven.

◊ if you need capital, knowhow or just want to be part of a bigger investment group with the aim to change the world for a better tomorrow.

◊ if you are heavily driven as a social or impact entrepreneur but haven’t yet found the right business project or business model.


What we achieved




The numbers of companies we have invested in. This number will increase in the years to come because of our ambitious investment strategy. However we always look for quality, not quantity, when deciding the businesses and entrepreneurs matching us the best.

invested capital


Our investments are always impact driven. We want to change the way business is done and we want to have a strong and positive impact in the world. Our goal is to become the most impactful social business investment group in the world. We expect to invest 5 times the current level during the next 5 years.

valuation June 2021


A business is much more than its valuation, its turnover and its profit, however the valuation, together with turnover and profit, is a tool to see progress and therefore creating the foundation for a sustainable business model. We expect our valuation will increase 5 times within the next 5 years.



Alongside all this is our main focus – what we give back to the world. The number expresses our direct donations to projects around the globe done by our companies the last few years. We expect it to increase extensively the next 5 years period because of our primary project ‘Business for Planet‘ the entrepreneur programme.

jobs created


This is an important key number to us. A positive impact is also measured in the numbers of real jobs created both directly (internally) as well as indirectly (externally). We want to create as many jobs as possible to support the financial foundation for people around the globe to contribute to their lives through the creation of more opportunities and prosperity.

new social entrepreneurs


Our ‘Business for Planet‘ entrepreneur programme is what drives us: A free educationally online platform for all entrepreneurs who are driven by more than just profit. We educate social and impact driven entrepreneurs around the globe and invest in their projects to support them in their endeavour to change the world for the better. Launching 2021.

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